Even if you didn’t major in computer science, there are many options that might excite you including the top industries hiring tech majors. Prospective computer science professionals also can benefit from expanding their personal network. Consider attending an industry conference or event, or taking advantage of internship opportunities while pursuing your degree. There are a number of opportunities to leverage your knowledge of computer science to create a thriving, exciting career.

This report was brought to you by the University of San Diego’s online Master of Science in Applied Data Science degree program. Data science is driving innovation and change across nearly all industries. Responsibilities typically include creating plans and layouts for data communication networks, presenting these plans to leadership and management, upgrading hardware, researching new technologies and more. They often work in research laboratories building and testing various types of computer models and can also work closely with software engineers. Blockchain developers create decentralized autonomous systems that store, replicate, and distribute information in groups called blocks across all the computers connected to the platform (blockchain).

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We describe what to expect from computer science jobs, highlight several prominent employers, and provide helpful resources. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual median salary for this position was $98,860 in 2020. Salaries can vary depending on education and experience levels, employer type, and location, among other factors. The role of https://investmentsanalysis.info/java-developer-job-description-role-and/ the database administrator is to create and organize systems that securely store data. A database administrator, for example, may be tasked with creating a system to securely keep track of customer shipping records or confidential financial reports. Database administrators also ensure that the stored data is accessible only to authorized users.

Network architects need an intimate understanding of their organization’s technical needs, along with expertise in both computer hardware and software. Students who specialize in software engineering usually complete coursework in interface design methodology, embedded systems, and multiple computer programming languages. They may also take elective classes related to the industry in which they plan to work.

Computer Network Architect

View the most relevant schools for your interests and compare them by tuition, programs, acceptance rate, and other factors important to finding your college home. My biggest advice for new computer science graduates is to make sure you know the fundamentals and to really prepare for interviews. Many people think that their existing knowledge will carry over into interviewing, but it doesn’t nearly as well as people expect it to. Treat your interviewing as its own skill and prepare for that specifically. I did an internship during my junior year of college, and I applied to jobs during my senior year. During the summer between my junior and senior years, I moved to Boston to work at HubSpot for a three-month internship.

How hard is computer science?

While computer science is a complex subject and can be challenging, the good news is that your success depends on how much time and dedication you're willing to devote to it. While mastering essential computer science concepts takes time and effort, it's absolutely possible for anyone to learn.

To create this ranking, we evaluated computer science careers based on salary, job demand and projected growth, remote work opportunities, work-life balance, and work satisfaction. Salary, work-life balance, and work satisfaction were weighted the most heavily. To impress employers, aspiring computer science professionals can pursue degrees, tech certifications, and specialized training in areas like coding and data analytics. A bachelor’s in computer science prepares you to land in-demand tech careers in design and development, analysis, and management. Some professionals may prefer cybersecurity because they enjoy working at the crossroads of computer science and criminal justice.

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Professionals who work in an unrelated field and want to change careers into computer science can do so in several ways. Those who already hold an undergraduate degree may be able to take part in a bootcamp or certificate program to gain the skills needed for an entry-level position. A few options to consider include certified information security manager, project management professional, and certified information systems security professional credentials. Computer and information systems managers plan and direct computer-related activities at their organization. They hire and train staff, create budgets for their department, and supervise the work of their teams.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you need to keep your knowledge up to date to thrive in the industry. If you’re interested in learning computer science fundamentals or want to add computer science skills to your repertoire, explore industry-aligned courses and programs on edX. Information security analysts secure organizational data and information from threats. They test networks and systems to identify potential weaknesses, put protections in place, and monitor suspicious activity.

Diverse Computer Science Career Paths: Where Can It Take You?

You can also opt for various internships and training programs to boost your technical and soft skills while securing a lucrative job in the competitive market. Computer network architecture is one of the careers after Computer Science. Computer network architects are responsible for How To Become An SQL Developer? A Comprehensive Guide designing and implementing computer networks that suit the requirements of organizations. They can find job opportunities in various industries, including finance, telecommunication, and insurance. The median computer science salary varies by job title, industry, and location.

  • Web developers create websites for consumers based on the requirements of management and end users.
  • Most federal jobs require at least a four-year degree, though some advanced positions may require a master’s degree.
  • The best online computer science master’s programs prepare graduates for many rewarding and in-demand careers within the fast-growing computer and information technology industry.
  • In most cases, a bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred or required (computer science or engineering).
  • According to the BLS, most computer occupations require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Computer science graduates help businesses and nonprofits access the tech support and establish the safety protocols needed to function online. Computer science professionals provide database management, network security, and software development. Many entry-level jobs in this field require at least a bachelor’s degree.

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