How Quickly We Forget

Sometimes we forget how important socialization is at all ages/stages of life. No one stops to wonder whether it is unhealthy for a vibrant 21-year-old to be isolated from their peers… we know it is. Whether it be at university, work, the gym, the hair salon, or the grocery store, socialization is key to living an active life mentally and physically. However, as people age, society somehow accepts that the elderly will become lonely individuals. For example, if an elderly woman becomes a widow, has her children grow up/move away, and her close friend pass from age or illness, no one bats an eye. She is left with little to no social interaction and begins to feel lonely and isolated, both of which are dangerous to one’s mental and physical well-being.

The Major Benefits of Companionship for the Elderly

Research has shown the brain thrives on stimulation and activity. It helps the mind stay sharp and reduces the risk of developing diseases such as dementia. In fact, a study found loneliness increased dementia by as much as 20%. Continuing to learn and create new neuropathways in the brain is very important at all ages. Furthermore, socializing helps you to feel better and more confident. It will also boost your physical activity as you will naturally be moving around while socializing.

How Galaxy HomeCare Services are Different

High-quality companionship care in Georgia is hard to come by. Traditional caregiving services simply do not offer the level of interaction that senior companionship care does at Galaxy HomeCare. Finding the best home health care services and home care assistants is the answer. Not only do they serve the local Dallas, GA area, they also serve Cherokee, Clayton, Carroll, Cobb, Bartow, Floyd, Fulton, Paulding, and Haralson. Contact Galaxy HomeCare & Health Services LLC is an easy process, simply fill out the online form and someone will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively, you reach out by calling (770) 250- 7468. Start the process of exceptional companionship care today!

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