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Ventilator And Tracheotomy Care

Treating loved ones the right way is not always easy, especially if they require intensive care. Patients who need a ventilator and tracheostomy care fall into this group. If you feel that you are not up to the task, contacting GALAXY HomeCare & Health Services, LLC is the right move.

With our help, your loved one will be nursed back to health in no time. But this is only possible if you and your loved one are provided with the professional care that our agency offers. Treating someone who needs a ventilator in addition to tracheostomy care is a job for people with experience and skill. This is what we offer at GALAXY HomeCare & Health Services, LLC.

Ventilator And Tracheotomy Care in Dallas, Georgia

If you aren’t yet aware of what tracheostomy is, here’s an explanation: It’s an opening on the patient’s neck into the trachea, created by doctors when the patient is unable to breathe. When this is done, the patient is once again able to breathe normally. Excess fluids from the lungs are also removed via a tube inserted in this opening.

The main issue experienced by patients who have undergone tracheostomy is removing the tube, cleaning it, and putting it back in place. This is what caregivers are trained to do. Our services include removing the tube, cleaning it, looking for malfunctions, cleaning the wound and skin area around it, and replacing the tube.

Ventilators are a necessity for those who have trouble breathing and whose lungs are weak. Our trained staff also cares for patients who need ventilators to breathe. In most cases, this type of care is not recommended to be handled by a family caregiver. Our skilled nurses will make sure ventilators are working correctly and are well maintained. We also provide family members training to learn how to handle a ventilator in case of an emergency.

For any further questions regarding ventilator and tracheostomy care, please contact GALAXY HomeCare & Health Services, LLC through our communication channels. We offer services in Dallas, Georgia, and surrounding areas including Bartow, Carroll, Cobb, Clayton, Cherokee, Douglas, Fulton, Floyd, Haralson, Paulding.

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